Viewing EverWeb 3.0 Feature Spotlight: Asset Organization

EverWeb 3.0 Feature Spotlight: Asset Organization

User: Paul-RAGESW 4 years ago
For the last few months we have been working hard on EverWeb 3.0. One major new feature coming in version 3 is asset organization.

Now you can easily organize assets into folders and sub folders.

See how Asset Organization will work in version 3.0 here.

We hope you're as excited for EverWeb 3.0 as we are! We have many more features coming in version 3.0 and will release more info soon.

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User: Courtney H. 4 years ago
This is epic!
Thank you Paul.

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User: Dan N. 4 years ago
Hi Paul,
Assets organization sounds great. Can I make a wish about the assets list ? Would it be difficult to modify the assets list in such matter that the user could choose from thumbnail or list view. When you have lots of pictures in the assets list it would make life much easier to see the picture instead of reading the name of the picture.



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User: Paul-RAGESW 4 years ago
HI Danny,

Thanks for the suggestion! This is actually something we are working towards implementing.

EverWeb Developer

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