Viewing Problem with 'Background Cover Image'.

Problem with 'Background Cover Image'.

User: Ben L. one year ago

The site works on all devices except cell phones. On the cell phones the background image is squashed over on the left, half the image missing. It doesn't fill the page. I have two other sites built exactly the same way, no problems, they display just fine on a cell phone (even if everything is small, it can be zoomed in on and the background page always fills the frame behind the objects on top).

With the background isn't working properly. If I start with a new page I can 'sometimes' get the image to correctly go 'full width'. See attachment 1. But sometimes it WON'T go 'full width' ... see attachment 2.

Attachment 3 is what it looks like on the actual page in the app. It SHOULD be stretched to 'full width'. It is on every page on two other sites built exactly the same way. But on this site it just sits there squashed over on the left.

It doesn't seem to make a difference when I add the 'Background Cover Image', as the first item, or later. It erratically displays incorrectly.

I've also tried using the Background Image widget. Same issue ... background image squashed over on left, half the image missing.

In both cases above the final result on computers and iPads is okay, it works. But on cell phones it isn't.

And when I compare how the background image is supposed to look in the EverWeb project file ... on two other sites all backgrounds spread across the full width. On the site the backgrounds are either in the little box if they are Background Image widgets, or squashed over on the left (half the image missing) if they are Background Cover Image widget.

Help would be enormously appreciated. This site took a couple of months to build, is about to see a lot of traffic, and I don't want to have to rebuild it from scratch.

All ears,


User: Paul-RAGESW one year ago
Regarding the use of widgets, you may want to contact the developer of the widget to see if they can help.

If you are using the background image setting from within EverWeb's inspector there may be some issues on mobile.

We have addressed this in version 3.0. I am sorry for the inconvenience regarding that.

We hope to have 3.0 released in the next few weeks for you to use.

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User: Ben L. one year ago
Aha! Thank you Paul,

This has been bugging me for a year I think. I kept thinking I was missing something, doing something wrong. I must have tried scores of workarounds. But I keep postponing doing anything serious because the site is so complicated, and big, I don't want to have to rebuild it all. It would be sooooooo nice when ver. 3 shows up if this issue just disappears. And I will be a super happy camper. I've just noticed in the last month or so that EVERYBODY is using their cellphones to check websites, whatever happened to computers?. And we're about to send a lot of folks to the website. But not before ver. 3 shows up, that's for sure. Thank you most kindly, Ben
User: Paul-RAGESW one year ago
HI Ben,

I am glad I can help.

Just FYI though, many people on mobile devices have slower internet. They may not want to download such a large background image.

You should consider a simple mobile version that downloads quicker.

This video explains how to make a dedicated mobile site in EverWeb.

EverWeb Developer ranks EverWeb as the top choice for Mac users wanting to build a website!
User: Ben L. one year ago
I started to make a dedicated mobile site ... but it would be a week or two's work, or more. Complicated visual site. It would be like making a whole new site. I'm about to start a NEW site, different project, using your 'Responsive' setup.

I have a couple of sites down 'fixed' previously, like my problematic one, but they display just fine on cell phones. The text small of course, but everything in roughly the right place, and you can zoom in or out with a pinch and things hold together in proper proportion. They seem to load fairly well too. So I'm sort of counting on this happening with the site. Touch wood. Maybe after building a 'Responsive' site I'll be inspired to go back and rebuild this one. But I do love the transparent look I can get with EverWeb, the floating images and text boxes ... quite 3 dimensional. Thanks for your help ... looking forward to ver. 3. Ben

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