Viewing Wrong upload of masterpage-image

Wrong upload of masterpage-image

User: Ingo P. one year ago
- Got a picture on the masterpage in the top responsive row
- Publish the whole site
- Now the pic in the top row of the masterpage will be uploaded to the wrong place. The picture is stored in "masterfiles/mymasterpage/", even though it should be in "masterfiles/mymasterpage/images/".
If there is more than pic in that row, then it's always the last picture which will be uploaded to the wrong place.

Workaround: Just drag the picture via ftp on the server into "masterfiles/mymasterpage/images/".

cheers, Ingo
User: Paul-RAGESW one year ago
Hi Ingo,

I just tried this and it worked properly.

What version of EverWeb are you using?

Could you send a project file showing this issue?

You can click the little arrows next to the project file in the Projects Window and then click 'Send Project File to Support'

Please don't post the link here, rather send the link to customer support.

If we can reproduce the issue, we will fix it right away.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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