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Hamburger / widget / navigation

User: Simon C. 2 months ago
Can anyone tell me which widget is being used to create the header on this site ?

Just the top row with Logo, Company name and hamburger icon set at a pixel width ?

I'm really struggling with the Navigation Menu widget, it's really limited with no way to
change the font size for mobile devices, no way of highlighting a "Current Page," and despite
wanting everything on the right, it throws the text all over my lovely logo. ( and no current page highlight either.
( grumble over, any help greatly appreciated , please don't make me go back to "fixed width," people will laugh at me.)

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User: wellnl 2 months ago
Hi Simon

It should be possible for the Nav Menu and logo to co exist on mobile with the Nav Menu widget. I've got my Nav Menu set as Full Width, responsive options ticked with menu position set to right side and use the logo settings to add my logo. I've kept the appear at width at 700...

My logo file is 152x152 (I think this is the same size as an Apple Touch ID icon) and that seems to work fine.

Alternatively you could use a Responsive Row with Nav Menu and logo image inside it. Uncheck Show on Mobile for the logo image in the Metrics Inspector. When you go to mobile width, the logo image file is substituted by the one in the Nav Menu widget so should then consistently display on all devices. You may need to tweak 'Appear at width' to get a smooth transition...

The other alternative is perhaps a third party widget e.g. from Roddy's

Hope that helps!

User: Roddy 2 months ago
It can quite often be be more convenient to use a header that holds the logo, h1 heading and the responsive navigation with current page indicator.

If you want a standalone mobile style navigation, this click drop nav can be positioned at the left or right, fixed in position and shows the current page.


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