Viewing Incorrect statement in video tutorial for Flex Box

Incorrect statement in video tutorial for Flex Box

User: Melvyn B. 4 years ago
Hello, Paul. My name is Mel and I live in N.M., USA. I really love Everweb. I am building my photography responsive website, building a responsivecmaster page, then modeling my site pages from master.

My home page started with a header, then I added a Flex Box and built 4 modules with picture-text-button and then embedded the flex box into a responsive row widget which worked fine. Following the video, I set wrap section to no wrap, then previewed in Safari and page did not resize. I then selected reverse wrap and again, page did not resize.

I called and spoke with Alex and sent him the project window for review. He set back an email with corrections, the principle one being to set the wrap drop down to 'wrap.' I did that, then previewed the page and it resized. I think the statement in video, as well as in the transcript below the video, needs to be changed directing the user to select 'wrap.'
User: Paul-RAGESW 4 years ago
Hi Melvyn,

Sorry for any confusion.

I see you are referring to this video tutorial on the FlexBox Widget

The line of confusion you stated from your ticket was this one.

"To change the order in which each control wraps as the browser window changes use the wrap objects drop down and change it to reverse order or not at all."

What this sentence is referring to is just that if you don't want wrapping you can set it to not wrap.

Although it is not common, you may want this option if you have a bunch of objects in the FlexBox that have a small enough minimum width so that they fit nicely on a mobile screen without needing to "wrap" or to align themselves vertically.

I can see if we can make this part more clear.

Your issues appears to have been just that the FlexBox was not set to to Full Width on your page. A FlexBox must be set to Full Width from the Inspector->Metrics settings so that as you adjust the browser width, the width of the control adjusts as well.

You had it as Fixed Width object meaning no matter what the size of the browser width is, the control is always set to the width you have entered in the Inspector.

This could have happened if you were converting a previously non responsive page to a responsive page.

Again, I am sorry for the confusion and I will see how we can make this more clear in the future.

Let me know if you need anymore clarification.

EverWeb Developer

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