Viewing spacing of text and image on cell phone

spacing of text and image on cell phone

User: Carole F. 8 months ago

This page uses an image slider, published with Everweb 2.9.1.
When viewing this page on a desktop, all images are the same distance from the text, the way I want them to appear.

On a cell phone, all images, except one (the tallest) in the image slider (on autoplay) are pushed down from the text, they do not stick to the top.

Is there a way of making the images appear on the cell phone the same as on the desktop?

Thank you!
User: Paul-RAGESW 8 months ago
Hi Carole,

The issue is due to the different aspect ratios of the images. The Image slider is scaling the image to look proper within the size of the image gallery. This isn't a mobile vs desktop issue but rather the difference in the size of the screen and the available space to show the images.

The Image Slider has an Image Crop option near the bottom that you can change to see if something looks better for you.

The other alternative is to crop the images so they have the same dimensions using an image editing app and then import them in to EverWeb

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User: Carole F. 8 months ago
That is what I thought. Is not terrible but I'll play with it a bit. Thanks Paul.

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