Viewing EverWeb 2.9 Is Here With More Flexible Responsive Design Features!

EverWeb 2.9 Is Here With More Flexible Responsive Design Features!

User: Paul-RAGESW 5 years ago
Welcome to EverWeb 2.9, the next instalment to EverWeb's Responsive Web Framework!

We're very excited with this new release that offers even more flexibility for your Responsive Website.

Now, with EverWeb 2.9 you can specify which objects appear on which devices. This means you can hide or show objects depending what device - mobile, tablet or desktop computer - your visitors are viewing your website on.

We've also added a maximum width option for full width objects so that you can limit their width as the browser width is increased.

Lots of enhancements to built in widgets including new linking options to easily link to PDF or other external files and open links in new windows.

All around, this version offers a ton of new improvements and enhancements that we have outline on our EverWeb 2.9 blog post

Important Note: If you are updating from EverWeb 2.7 - 2.8.5 using the 'Check for Update' feature within EverWeb you may incorrectly get a message saying you are not eligible for this update even though you are. You can always continue the download OR visit our Download Page.

You can also download any previous version of EverWeb from your client area.

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