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How to replace existing website

User: Peter B. one year ago
I want to replace my existing iWeb website with one I have built using everweb. I have now purchased the stand-alone version and want to know if it would be better to replace my old web pages one at a time, or should I remove the whole site and then start uploading the new.
Any advice gratefully received.
User: Paul-RAGESW one year ago
Hi Peter,

Since you are using a third party web host your best option is to do the following;

1. Delete your website from your server
2. Ask your web host to add a 404 not found redirection to your main page
3. Publish your EverWeb website.

The reason you do number 2 is because some of the links may change from what you had in iWeb if you have changed the file names in EverWeb and they don't match iWeb exactly. By setting up the 404 error page, those old links will forward to your home page instead of an error page.

If you use EverWeb + hosting you can set up a 404 Not Found page from the the File menu->Edit Publishing Settings

You can also set up redirects from your older iWeb. links to your newer EverWeb pages from the Inspector->Page Settings

EverWeb Developer ranks EverWeb as the top choice for Mac users wanting to build a website!

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