Viewing Animated objects go 'over the top'

Animated objects go 'over the top'

User: Cornelis V. 24 days ago
The 'sticky header' on a responsive web page is normally the top most object and when you scroll the page then all objects should pass underneath the 'sticky header'. Right?
No, as soon as you 'Animate' an object than that one will be the ultimate top most object. It is even higher in the stacking order than the 'Always On Top' object from a 'sticky header'. It doesn't even matter if you apply 'Send to Back' or switch on/off 'Always On Top' from the 'Arrange' menu.
So if you scroll a responsive webpage with a 'sticky header' in the top and have an 'Animated' object elsewhere on this page than all the objects will pass underneath the 'sticky header' except for the 'Animated' object which will pass over and above the 'sticky header'.

You can only see this 'Animated objects go 'over the top' effect on you published web site in all web browsers. In the EW designer window it does't show.

I would like to have the 'Animated' objects behave as the rest of the objects on a page and pass underneath a 'sticky header' while scrolling the responsive web page.

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