Viewing Hamburger menu not displaying in mobil

Hamburger menu not displaying in mobil

User: Ana C. one year ago
I have a responsive page with a responsive navigation bar.
It displays well on desktops and iPads, but on iPhones the hamburger button is not even visible.

Here is the link to the page.
Any suggestions?
User: Roddy one year ago
The navigation works as it should on an iPhone.

The problem that I see is that one or more links in the inline navigation are blocked by the sticky "Follow Me" links at narrower browser widths and on iPads.

Are you using the iOS Simulator to test your pages?


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User: Ana C. one year ago
Hello Roddy, Thanks for your response. I moved the hamburger to the left and it still did not work, however, i deleted the first Flexbox, the navigation menu and redid everything, published the entire website and it seemed to have fixed the problem!

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