Viewing Lost upload details - malicious instruction in the program

Lost upload details - malicious instruction in the program

User: C Peter A. 2 years ago
I don't know if other people have been affected by this problem but there seems to be something sinister about the lead up to the renewal date for EverWeb.

It took me some time to get the upload details correct for me to upload to my server (not EvereWeb) due to its layout. Initially I was overwriting an Actinic program by accident until I got the correct Path.
So have use the EverWeb for near the past year and have it on my wife's computer and mine.
Recently got an email saying your subscription/support is about to end.

My wife's copy is 2.7 and mine the latest 2.8 However, when I tried to upload today BOTH versions have wiped out the upload path details ( which is several days worth of work to sort out). I would expect that as my wife's version has not been updated it should have had the info I wanted on it – BUT that too has been wiped out. Both versions are asking me to sign in to EverWeb like I was a newbie. So I conclude that there is a malicious instruction in the program to do this as it nears the end of the subscription.

I cannot get the backups to work as they too will not load. All I can say is this has led me to think EverWeb is a not so nice company if it does these things.

...................Since posting the above It appears that the EverWeb FTP settings depend on ‘signing into the application’. I have no idea why it is so dependant on this but all my setting have come back.
I dont know why the program is so temperamental with this. Why did the FTP setting vanish in the first place.
I see that there were others who could not upload unless the ‘signing into the application’. So thought that this was fixed. Very Frustrating.....................

The answer is: Signing in is required to check if you have the license

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User: EverWeb Support one year ago
Hi Peter!

I am terribly sorry for this issue.
Concerning this, I have followed up directly.


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User: Paul-RAGESW one year ago

To clarify the situation, there is no "malicious code" in EverWeb to remove your publishing details. Your FTP publishing details are just your server, username, password and directory path given to you by your web hosting company.

EverWeb does require signing in with your email and password in order to verify that you have purchased a license just like entering a serial number for example. If you don't sign in, you can't publish because EverWeb doesn't know if you have a valid license or not.

If you are not connected to the Internet, EverWeb will still sign in if you have recently signed in to your account within a few weeks ago so you are never locked out of using EverWeb.

If you do not renew your upgrade plan you are *always* able to login still, you just don't get the latest updates.

As Alex stated, we have helped you with all the dozens of emails and tickets you have sent us within the past year and we look forward to continue helping you in the future with any issues that you encounter.

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