Viewing Chrome animations not working

Chrome animations not working

User: Luis V. 2 years ago
Hi, so Im currently working on a major redesign to my website, but Ive run into an issue where animated elements on my pages aren't animating on chrome.

Safari on Mac and Firefox on Windows are my browsers of choice when browsing and development and I figured that animations worked across all browsers when publishing, and I didn't find out until I published my site and a friend saw that particular bug.

Animations work on the home page, but not on any other page, leaving most content blank. Here's a link for anyone who's willing to check it out: null.

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User: EverWeb Support 2 years ago
Hi Luis!

I'm sorry for these issues you're experiencing. To provide you with further assistance, I need to try reproducing this issue from our end. I would like to ask you for your EverWeb Project file. Please open EverWeb's Projects Window, click the arrows next to your project and select "Send Project File to Support".

After the project file is uploaded, EverWeb will give you a link. Please send that link to so that we can proceed with solving that problem in tickets. You can also submit a support ticket. To do so, log in to the Client area and click the blue button "Open New Ticket" on the Welcome page. I'll take it from there and will do my best to help you!

NOTE: If your project is over 2GB in size or if you have an older version of EverWeb, you won't be able to send it that way. To send it to me in that case, please follow this link and follow the steps outlined on the page:

NOTE: Do NOT remove the project file from the folder with project files.

The investigation will take some time, but I will let you know as soon as the solution is found.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.


EverWeb Customer Support
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User: Luis V. 2 years ago
Thank you much for the information. I have submitted a support ticket for the issue now.
User: Courtney H. 2 years ago
The animation works for me: Chrome on a PC. Did you try clear your cache?

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