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User: MacDavidson one year ago
Ladies and Gents,
This interweb & Applications business, now means that the new iPad’s are a decent replacement and more convenient than a MacBook. So:

1/. Is it possible to use EW on an iPad?
2/. If the answer is “Nope!” to Q1, when could we expect to have the ability?
3/. Is it worth doing a ‘proper survey’ to see if demand is there?

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User: EverWeb Support one year ago
It is not possible to use EverWeb on iPads, unfortunately. We have no ETA for iPad support at the moment.
Feel free to survey!


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User: Christine D. one year ago
My aging MacBook Pro (2012 model) is at the point where it is difficult to maintain my websites I have built through Everwebapp. I also have the latest iPad Pro for my business. I am currently using another website service for my eCommerce site and my ability to build that site is purely through the Internet and not reliant on my laptop. Is Everwebapp able to provide that level of usage or will it remain reliant on us having a Mac computer?

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