Viewing EverWeb 2.8.4 Maintenance Update

EverWeb 2.8.4 Maintenance Update

User: Paul-RAGESW 5 years ago
After such a big 2.8 update, we found a few critical issues we wanted to fix. So we have released version 2.8.4 with some important fixes.

Version 2.8.4 can be downloaded from our website or use the Check for Update feature within EverWeb.

[IMP] Improved Website Previewing. EverWeb won’t preview an entire website after restarting your computer

[FIX] Fixed FlexBox Widget Alignment issue

[FIX] Fixed blog pages not exporting correctly on Fixed Width Layouts

[FIX] Fixed some upgrading issues when using the Check For Update menu in EverWeb

[FIX] Fixes some issues with newer Google Fonts

[FIX] Fixed Blog Post Drafts incorrectly being exported in the navigation links at the bottom of blog posts

[FIX] Pasting text from a web browser into the Styled Text Field for all widgets work properly now

EverWeb Developer
User: Chris H 5 years ago
Are you aware that the latest update, Version 2.8.7 Build: 2147, loads as a 32-bit application?

Chris H
User: Paul-RAGESW 5 years ago
Hi Chris,

We were having issues with the auto updater within EverWeb.

I recommend that you download the 64bit version (which is the version for 10.9+) on our download page;

EverWeb Download Page

Sorry for the inconvenience.

EverWeb Developer

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