Viewing Moved Everweb to new computer - it no longer recognizes Projects

Moved Everweb to new computer - it no longer recognizes Projects

User: Terry M. 2 years ago
I've just moved my Everweb app and sites to a new laptop. My projects no longer show up in the Projects window.

How do I restore Projects to the Projects window?
User: Paul-RAGESW 2 years ago
Hi Terry,

Your project files will be on your old computer in the library folder.

The easiest way to access them is to open EverWeb on your old computer and go to the Projects window. The little arrows next to the project has a 'Show On Disk' option. Once you select that, EverWeb opens the location of your project files.

You can copy your project files from there to the new computer.

Then, simply drag and drop those. project files onto the list of projects in the Projects on your new computer.

This video shows you visually how to find the project file and share it with DropBox. But you can use the steps to copy your project files to a new computer.

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User: Terry M. 2 years ago
Many thanks, Paul.
User: Kip S. 2 years ago
I have a similar question. Everweb is installed on a laptop where I do most of my work. But the laptop has been giving me a lot of problems lately, and I lost access to Everweb editing for two weeks recently while the laptop was getting repairs. To avoid this happening again, I downloaded Everweb to a backup desktop computer. If I transfer my website project to the desktop, does that mean I can no longer work on it on the laptop?? I want the flexibility of working from either computer. Both are Macs running Mojave.
User: Roddy 2 years ago
Most people seem to go with Dropbox for this but it much easier to turn on Sharing in System Prefs if both Macs are on the same local network. iCloud can be used for remote sharing.

Here's some info from MacWorld with more options.


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User: Damien C. 2 months ago
Hi all, my iMac recently stopped working because of its screen issue. Hence, I took out my HDD and now mounting it to my MacbookPro (early 2015).

I've read many threads in this forums to no avail in solving my issue now. Situation is my Applications Support folder on my old HHD doesn't show EverWeb folder!

This doesn't appear on my old HDD.
~/Library/Application Support/EverWeb

All I have now is my backup file which doesn't open when I drag into EW app opened using my laptop. I even try the option on the Project Window to 'restore project from backup' but it couldn't detect my backup file. The file is in the ~/Library/Application Support/EverWeb folder, but it won't show up in the Project Window.

HELP.... T.T
User: Lori S. 2 months ago
Hello all - I recently reinstalled the system on my mac mini and although I have a saved copy of the website file on my hd, Everweb doesn't recognise it. After reading the above comments I found I still had the everweb file on dropbox ~/Library/Application Support/EverWeb, but when I tried to download the files, perhapsbecause they no longer have the periods in the names they do! please, I would really like to avoid rebuilding my website again (last time from iweb)...thank you!
User: Damien C. 2 months ago
I have solved my issue. I realised I need to access my external HDD by using the 'target startup disk' in order to see the project in that HDD. If not, this will happen:

This doesn't appear on my external old HDD if I accessed it using my laptop's hard drive as the startup disk.
~/Library/Application Support/EverWeb

Now that I restarted my laptop and accessed my old HDD using that way, all I had to do is to locate that project file, copy and paste it onto my laptop's hard drive, restart my laptop by changing back the startup disk to it's default drive again, drag the duplicated project onto EW and it will work just fine.

@Lori S. not sure if the above be of any help, but good luck! =)
User: Lori S. 2 months ago
hello Damien C, I'm happy for you that you resolved the problem, unfortunately though I thought I had backed up all the files - forgot about that sneaky library folder where the actual project file resided - no I only have the folder containing the html pages, ew_css and all the other files from the everweb folder but no project file...any other ideas anyone? Thank you!

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