Viewing Demo version won't preview

Demo version won't preview

User: Lindsay B. one year ago
I've downloaded the demo version and while most things are working as expected, I can't preview in Safari.

The error dialog I get is attached. I did try restarting the computer, it made no difference.

All I had done is play around with a few quick modifications on the default home page of the Algonquin theme, certainly nothing that should break the software this easily!

User: Paul-RAGESW one year ago
HI Lindsay,

Sorry for the problems you are experiencing.

I am trying to reproduce this issue here from my end. It seems to be work OK for me.

Can you go to the about window under the EverWeb menu and tell me which build number you have?


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User: Lindsay B. one year ago
Hi Paul,

Version 2.8.3 Build: 2136, running on OSX Mojave 10.14.1

I've figured out what I did, and it comes from my not understanding how the software works ... but that said, you might want to look at this as a design issue.

Here are the exact steps:
1. Launch Everweb and click "Create a new website"
2. Create a new "home" page from any template
2. On the left, under "NEW WEBSITE", right-click on the newly created page and delete it

If you try to "preview" now, you get the error I mentioned. Which does make sense, now that I understand the screen layout a little better, but the error message didn't really give me any clues as to this being the problem.

What I had done is click the "new master page" icon and created two pages in that blue section, and those were the pages I was editing (and trying to preview). I don't understand what those master pages are for, clearly I need to read the documentation. But at least for now the problem is understood, if not solved :)


PS: The really fast support response is a definite plus to my feelings on buying the software :)
User: Paul-RAGESW one year ago
Hi Lindsay,

Thank you for the additional information. It makes sense now.

Master Pages are designs that you assign to regular pages on your EverWeb website. Then, you can simply edit one master page and any page on your site that uses this master pages gets updated with the design changes.

It makes website updating much faster and easier.

This video tutorial will show you in more detail the benefit of Master Pages

You are right, the error message should be more descriptive. Basically what happened is that you didn't have any pages to preview. Since Master Pages are really just a central design, there were no real pages on your site to preview.

I will make sure we improve this message for a future release.

Thanks again for the additional information.

EverWeb Developer ranks EverWeb as the top choice for Mac users wanting to build a website!

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