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Black Friday

User: Roddy 6 months ago
Even when you integrate an E-Commerce solution like ECWID into a site, there are times when a produce grid is needed for sales events.

The Sale Tag Product Grid was created for an EverWeb user who needed a responsive grid for a client site for a Black Friday sales event.

The sale tags, price strike through and sale price can all be turned on/off on a per item basis.

The sale tags are a CSS triangle with text in a rotated span so the font family, color, size and background color can be changed.

The Google hosted font used is "Stint Ultra Expanded". This font is only available in one weight and the client required the h1 to be bolder. The h1 heading is made to look bolder than the h2 by adding a text shadow with a 1px radius.
These headings are created using the Responsive Heading widget.

This Tab Grid allows visitors using computers to take a closer look at the merchandise.

The widgets use the CSS Grid Layout Module which has been supported by all major browsers since early 2016. It differs from the Flex layout used by EverWeb's Responsive Row widget in that it works for both columns and rows rather than just rows.


NOTE: I am an EverWeb user and NOT affiliated with EverWeb! Any opinions expressed in this forum are my own.
User: EverWeb Support 5 months ago
Nice updates!


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