Viewing New responsive sites and existing templates

New responsive sites and existing templates

User: Dale L. one year ago
I was wondering if the existing templates will be able to be used with the new responsive Everweb when it is ready for use...or...will there be new responsive templates...or will we have to always design from scratch?? To a newbie like me (with Everweb) it seems to be an important issue as it would considerably increase the time to create a new website. In fact, one may want to predesign it on paper (layouts, etc,) Or have I missed some information somewhere along the line??
User: Paul-RAGESW one year ago
Hi Dale,

We have already released about 20 free responsive templates with more being added each month.

To check these, go to the EverWeb menu and select 'Check for New Templates'

When you go to Add a New Page in EverWeb 2.8, you will see a drop down menu that lets you see only the Responsive Designs so you can easily find which ones are responsive as seen in the attachment image I put here.

If you want a specific Fixed Width Template converted to Responsive we can look into that. We also can offer some web design services for you if you want to have a design created in EverWeb that you can then go and edit afterwards.

Lastly, if after using the Check For New Templates from under the EverWeb menu, you do not see all of the Responsive Templates, hold down the Option key on your keyboard and select that menu item. It will force EverWeb to download all templates again. I don't recommend you do this all the time, as it will take a while to download all the templates because there are so many. Only that you do this if you don't see all the new Responsive Templates after Checking for New Templates normally.

Hope this helps!

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