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User: Roddy one year ago
Back in the old iWeb days we made image map hot spots by dropping empty text boxes on the image and configuring them as links. You could do this with EverWeb too if you are still creating fixed width layouts.

Now that most users will want to go responsive, I decided to attempt a suitable design which will adjust for the various viewing devices. The Responsive Image Map has animated hot spots which open images in a lightbox overlay and has the option to configure one of them to open a YouTube video.

A video which fills the browser window or the device viewport may seem like a good idea but the results are not to good for visitors using mobile devices.

The Big Video and Big YouTube widgets show the video at viewport height on computers and then switch to responsive on touch devices.

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User: Paul-RAGESW one year ago
Great add-on Roddy! Thanks for sharing!

EverWeb Developer ranks EverWeb as the top choice for Mac users wanting to build a website!

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