Viewing Lightbox Gallery Widget in the new beta - on line pages not working

Lightbox Gallery Widget in the new beta - on line pages not working

User: james one year ago
This is a copy of my posting in "Bugs" because not sure which to post in and this is a big issue:
Is it possible that there is a HUGE problem with the Light Box Gallery Album widget in the new beta? I have an important page with a number of these on it and they stopped opening on line after uploading from the new beta:
I thought I'd checked everything and was safe – not so. I'm going to restore from a backup and return to the regular version. One complication – when I ran a "Preview" it left all page names on left red so when I went to make the upload before going to restore, it is uploading the entire 1.2 gigs. AWKWARD and time consuming. Waiting for that to finish now.

If the widget ceases to work, I'll have a lot to do to replace 20 of these with something else.
User: Roddy one year ago
I have tested the widget and it works for me in EverWeb V2.8b.

I have replied to your email with the suggestion that you publish a test page with the widget on it created with V2.8b and send me the link so that I can see what the problem is.


NOTE: I am an EverWeb user and NOT affiliated with EverWeb! Any opinions expressed in this forum are my own.
User: Paul-RAGESW one year ago
HI James,

Sorry for the problems you are experiencing.

As Roddy suggested if you publish a test page I can investigate what the issue is and hopefully provide a solution ASAP for you.

The best way is to go to the File menu -> Site Publishing Settings and enter something in the Subdirectory field as that will publish your website at a new location, unknown to any other visitors.

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