Viewing Parallel Tracking in Google Ads

Parallel Tracking in Google Ads

User: Jennifer S. one year ago
Has anyone had any experience with the latest change to Google Ads requiring parallel tracking? I haven't a clue what I need to do here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, I am not "selling" anything per se. I created and manage a site for a church and want the church to come up for certain key word searches. But I want to track it so I can see if its worth the money we are spending to see membership increase from these ads.

Here's the email that I received from Google. Thanks for any thoughts you may have. Is it something I need to do within Everweb or something I need to do with my host (not Everweb)?

"Dear Google Ads Advertiser,
You are receiving this message because your Google Ads account uses the tracking template field and will be impacted when we begin requiring parallel tracking in all accounts.

What's changing?

Earlier this year, we introduced parallel tracking as an optional feature to improve your landing page speed by sending users directly to your website while all click measurement is processed in the background.

Starting October 30, 2018, parallel tracking will be required for all Search Network and Shopping campaigns on Google Ads, to ensure a better landing page experience for users. At that time, the account opt-in setting will be removed and parallel tracking will become the only click measurement method for Search and Shopping campaigns on Google Ads.

Next steps

Please work with your click measurement provider(s) to make sure that your account is ready for parallel tracking by October 30, 2018. Should you or your provider miss this deadline, it could potentially interrupt your click measurement reporting or cause landing page errors. If you are already using parallel tracking, you won't need to do anything; you're all set up.

For more information on parallel tracking, please refer to the Google Ads Help Center and contact your click measurement provider. If you have further questions, please reach out to your account team or contact us at any time.


The Google Ads team"
User: Paul-RAGESW one year ago
Hi Jennifer,

With parallel tracking I believe the only thing you have to do is enable it in your Google Account and also you will need an HTTPS website.

Since you are using Standalone you need to make sure your web host provides an SSL certificate. Once that is enabled, you need to make sure that you change the URL under File menu->Site Publishing Settings in EverWeb to start with https

Then you must set up an htaccess file on your server to forward your website from non-secure http links to secure https links. You will have to work with your web hosting provider to set that up as it is not related to EverWeb (on EverWeb + Hosting it is set up automatically for you but all servers are different so you need to work with your web host to set this up properly)

Hope this helps!

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User: Jennifer S. one year ago
Thanks, Paul. Much appreciated.

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