Viewing Two presales questions: Soundcloud and site overview in sidebar

Two presales questions: Soundcloud and site overview in sidebar

User: Paul-RAGESW 5 years ago
Thanks again, Roddy. I have worked with the 2.8b for a week, after having been told that it was dully usable - but in my opinion, it isn't. It needs to be more stable and get an overall easier workflow IMO.

EverWeb 2.8 is still in beta so we are still working with the feedback we receive to improve it. The thread with the download link emphasizes this because we do expect there to be issues since the new version is completely redone with new features and a new layout mode.

I tried to add your interesting widgets (only the responsive ones) to the cart, and the price is $225. That's a high sum for making an $80 app work better. But I like the idea of not having to keep adding responsive rows, and also had some problems with not being able to embed elements into those rows, or even get a good overview of where all my "rows" were + had a number of situations with unexpected behaviour. So your concept sounds good... thanks again, I might get back to some of your widgets when 2.8 is stable enough for real use.

A Responsive Row widget is NOT required to make a responsive website. Most of the EverWeb widgets do not need them. The Responsive Row is just an option to use should you want EverWeb to automatically layout multiple widgets properly when a browser is resized.

The Responsive Row widget is there to give more flexibility. It is not required to be used with all widgets, it is simply there to provide more flexibility in design and allow every single widget (built in widget and the hundreds of third party existing widgets) to work in Responsive Mode.

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