Viewing EverWeb Image Compare Widget - FREE

EverWeb Image Compare Widget - FREE

User: Jason S. 2 years ago
Hey Guys!

I made a free widget that lets your visitors easily compare images side by side using a slider to show subtle differences.

The widget requires EverWeb 2.7 and is completely free.

You can see how the Widget works and download it for free at EverWeb PowerUp Image Compare Widget.

Let me know what you guys think, I'm open to suggests.


- Jason
EverWeb PowerUp
User: James G. 2 years ago
You may want to make it available to use on that page. I have visited it a few times and the images there have shown once, but make no sense to me as far as what I am reading.
The top image looks like one image with half b/w and half in color. I don't know what I would be comparing.
The bottom image looks to me like an image with a line through it.
Maybe I am over thinking it.
User: Jason S. 2 years ago
Hi Jim,

Sorry for any confusion.

The line that separates the images can be dragged either left to right or up and down to compare the images. Try it on the website, it works :)

- Jason
EverWeb PowerUp
User: james 2 years ago
Really nice, thanks. It adds an interactive touch. Has me looking for some way to use it. Now if there is a way to make it work on the blog – it would be phenomenal.

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