Viewing Hamburger menu again, sort of figuring it out.

Hamburger menu again, sort of figuring it out.

User: Susan S. 6 months ago
I've got it working but I have a few questions.

The nav bar options on Everweb say I can change things on the Hamburger button. I made the font larger for the hamburger. The word "menu" and icon got large on my iMac. It didn't change the hamburger size on the mobile site and the mobile pages weren't "red" when I went to upload so I realized I had to go to the mobile master page and change the hamburger menu options there.

I did that and the result is that the actual hamburger and word "menu" are larger on the iPhone now but when the menu drops down the menu choices on my iPhone are so minuscule, I can't remotely read it. I've attached a screenshot of the site on my phone. I did use the Fonts thing and selected a larger font for both the hamburger and the text and although that increased the size of the word "menu" and the icon it did NOT change the size of the text on the drop-down menu.

Still playing with it. I was able to increase the size of the font on the drop down menu but it also increased the size of the hamburger "menu" and icon. So when I get the drop-down font so its large enough to be readable the word menu and icon are huge. Are they tied together or can you adjust them independently?

Thank you for any help,


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