Viewing Place cookies to track my clients?

Place cookies to track my clients?

User: Frank M. 3 years ago
I cure back pain and we are finally bringing my work of 50 years to the internet. Our sales is a funnel which explains how I discovered my cure and the effects it has had on some of my clients.
When they first visit and see the first story, they are invited to click and give us their name and email. We then send them a link to the 2nd part. At the end of that, if they want to go on, they click a link.
I do not want to keep asking them for their email, if we already have that recorded.
I think a simple cookie should handle this. BUT No information anywhere on how to make a cookie or how to place a cookie. I am assuming this is NOT rocket science because it seems everyone has the ability to do this.
Anyone know how?
Thank you in advance.

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