Viewing Widget icons getting too small?

Widget icons getting too small?

User: Ben L. 9 months ago
I've got a whole bunch of Roddy's widgets. They are adding up. I notice the thumbnail/icons for the widgets are getting smaller and smaller in the 'Inspector' ... it's getting very hard to read them.

Is there perhaps a fix for this?

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 1.36.13 PM.png
User: Roddy 9 months ago
You should let support know what OS you are using, which version of EverWeb and if you are using a retina or non retina mac.


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User: Paul-RAGESW 9 months ago
Hi Ben,

Sorry for the problems you are experiencing.

What version of EverWeb are you using?

Are you using a second monitor?

Do you have a retina (high resolution) screen?

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User: Ben L. 9 months ago
Hi Paul. You got it. I'm on a Retina laptop, but using a big Apple monitor. I noticed last night, on the road, that the icons are fine if I stay on the laptop monitor. It's only when I'm using the large Apple studio monitor that the icons get super small, and the text titles almost disappear. Will just move app to lap when wanting to add widgets.

Thanks for your quick response. All the best, Ben

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