Viewing New blog posts do not show thumbnail

New blog posts do not show thumbnail

User: Barbara O. 9 months ago
So the first blog post I made the picture shows as a thumbnail in main blog page. Each subsequent post the thumbnail doesn't show. Plus I can't put a text box or any shapes into the area where I want to work on the post. If I click on a shape it shows up in the preview area.

Does it ever get easier? In iWeb using the blog theme, there was a placeholder for the picture that would become the thumbnail.
User: EverWeb Support 9 months ago
Hi, Barbara!

When editing any blog post, you have two sections to work with: the Editor and the Preview sections.

The Editor section does not allow adding text boxes to it because it is a kind of a textbox itself. However, you can easily add text and images to it. Just drag and drop them. You will find plenty of available options to for adjusting styles and positions.

The Preview section has a bit different role. It should be treated like a Master Page in your project file. Any image or text that you add there will appear in each blog post.

You can add individual images to each of your posts that will serve as thumbnails.

To do so, please select the blog post and go to the Inspector -> Settings (cogwheel icon) -> find the Post Image option and select the picture.

Kindly take a look at this video tutorial that will explain and show everything in details:

Best regards,

EverWeb Customer Support
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User: Barbara O. 9 months ago
How do I get a DIFFERENT picture in each BLOG post (that show up in the main blog page) if I put the picture in the Preview page - which your tutorial says that if you ADD TO THE PREVIEW PAGE IT WILL BE THE SAME ON EACH POST.

Also, why can't I put something like an arrow in the Edit page of the post, but only on the preview page.

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User: Paul-RAGESW 9 months ago
HI Barbara,

How do I get a DIFFERENT picture in each BLOG post (that show up in the main blog page)

From the blog post page select the blog text object within EverWeb. Then from the Inspector go to the last tab (the Widget tab), and you can set an image for each post from there (select each of your posts and select an image from the Inspector).

Hope this helps!

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