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File locations

User: Anders H. 7 months ago
I'm leaning towards buying EverWeb. It seems very easy to use, yet powerful enough. But one thing irritates me enormously: that EverWeb stores files in some obscure location. Other easy-to-use web editors store files in regular directories in for example the documents folder.

One specific problem: I have two computers that I sync through DropBox. I would like to edit my webpage on both. How can I do that with everweb?
User: Paul-RAGESW 7 months ago
HI Anders,

By default EverWeb keeps your files in its Library folder. You can use dropbox syncing to work on a website on more than one computer by following this video tutorial;

EverWeb and Dropbox

EverWeb Developer ranks EverWeb as the top choice for Mac users wanting to build a website!
User: Anders H. 7 months ago
Great, thanks. That was my only concern, otherwise EverWeb seems to do what I need, easily.

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