Viewing Expanded folders

Expanded folders

User: David W. 4 months ago
Every time i open a site the right hand navigation panel showing the sites files and folders has the folders expanded showing the files within the folder. Could this be altered so that when you close the program it remembers which folder were open so we do not have to constantly have to keep closing the folders.

User: Roddy 4 months ago
If it helps, you can click the site name at the top of the left column to hide all the pages and folders and then click again to show just the top level pages and the directory folders closed.


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User: David W. 4 months ago
Hi Roddy,
Great tip many thanks:)
User: Erik D. one month ago
But when setting an internal hyperlink, you need to scroll all pages within the folders. It would be handy if - in the combo-list - all folders woud be closed by default, but can be opened when clicking on the folder name.

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