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User: Fabienne S. 2 years ago
Hello there,

I'm going to host a website for a friend of mine. Until now they used everweb to manage the website, since i am working on windows my question is:

Is there a possibility for me to host the website from my windows operating system? Or else, how do I proceed if there's no possibility.

Thanks in advance
User: EverWeb Support 2 years ago
Hi Fabienne!

EverWeb exists only on OS X/macOS, there is no version for Windows.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do other than buy a Mac or find it somewhere else. If you're good with HTML/CSS coding, you can publish site from EverWeb to a local folder (for that, you will need to use Mac at least once but it's relatively easy), that will create an HTML/CSS version of the site. Then you need to bring it to your PC somehow and continue working on it as on the regular site. But it's quite an extreme step.


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User: Fabienne S. 2 years ago
Hi Wayne!

Thanks for your reply.

Well, I thought so, that copying HTML/CSS will be the only option. I was just hoping there might be a little rabbithole ;)

Thank you and best regards,
User: Richard S. 4 months ago
Can an authoring tool other than Everweb be used to create a web site and host it on Everweb's server?

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