Viewing EverWeb 2.6 Beta with FTP over SSH, Faster Publishing, Scroll Positions, and more!

EverWeb 2.6 Beta with FTP over SSH, Faster Publishing, Scroll Positions, and more!

User: Paul-RAGESW 5 years ago
Hi EverWebers!

I am very happy to announce the first beta of EverWeb 2.6 with some highly requested features and important fixes. Remember, beta means it is still in testing and there may be bugs or other issues. We recommend you work on backups for your website or new website. Remember, EverWeb auto backs up your website if you go to Preferences-> Backups.

We look forward to your feedback so we can improve the new features and fix the issues you are experiencing.

What's New? We've implemented a lot of new features in this release;

1. FTP over SSH: EverWeb can now publish to servers that require FTP over SSH
2. Super Fast FTP Publishing: Publishing to FTP is significantly faster and you can adjust the speed in the Preferences -> Publishing settings which lets you upload more than one file at a time. Please remember that this setting depends on your web hosting provider and setting a high number of connections can cause publishing errors. We recommend 5 connections but check with your web hosting provider to see what they allow. When publishing you can also see how many files are left to publish and the total size of the publishing files.
3. Lightning Publishing for EverWeb + Hosting customers: We are experimenting with our new Lightning Publishing for EverWeb + Hosting customers. We have optimized EverWeb and our servers to publish as quickly as possible and you should see dramatic publishing speed ups.
4. Scroll Positions: You can now set scroll positions on a page so you can link directly to a specific location on a page. You can also use smooth scrolling to scroll down to any scroll position on a single page.

Lot's more is also included;
5. New and improved widget icons
6. New PayPal widget options let you specify the dimensions of custom buttons so you can use retina images. A new Donate option and new default button icons
7. Mouse over and mouse down images are now retina. They are also optimized to load faster under certain settings
8. Shape borders with no fill option are exported as retina images
9. Insert Instagram option from Insert Menu->Buttons->Instagram button
10. New Social Media image styles under Insert Menu->Buttons
11. Secondary click works properly on Masters Page list
12. Fixed a crash when moving pages in the web page list
13. Fixed issues with the RSS feed widget
14. Fixed Disqus comments widget when a page title used non-ascii characters
15. Optimized shape shadows to us CSS when possible instead of exporting an image
16. Page background shadow now uses CSS instead of an image

Download EverWeb 2.6 Official Release from the Downloads Page

Let us know what you think of this update. It is one of our biggest yet with some highly requested features. There's more to come but we look forward to your feedback!

Thanks in advance for helping us make EverWeb even better!

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EverWeb Developer
User: Paul-RAGESW 5 years ago
We've updated the beta version of EverWeb 2.6 with a whole bunch fixes;

1. Directories copy their sub pages when duplicating them
2 Fixed issue with Image Slider not properly using Google Fonts
3. Previewing on non-retina Macs will be faster because Retina photos won't be generated.
4. Scroll Positions are recognized on sub pages within sub directories
5. Fixed Google Map Widget errors
6. Fixed RSS feed with images
7. Scroll positions work on blog pages now
8. Fixed moving regular pages to Master Pages not moving the correct page
9. Fixed rotated text shapes with middle or bottom aligned text
10. Facebook Timeline widget lets you specify which tabs to show
11. Option to turn off the new Preview features and revert to the old functionality

EverWeb Developer
User: Paul-RAGESW 5 years ago
EverWeb 2.6 is now officially released. You can download it from the Download Page!

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