Viewing EverWeb 2.2 Beta with AnimationEngine

EverWeb 2.2 Beta with AnimationEngine

User: Paul-RAGESW 7 years ago
Hey EverWebers!

We're very excited to post the first public beta version of EverWeb 2.2 with our all new AnimationEngine (plus a lot of other improvements)!

Remember, that public beta means that although we do believe EverWeb 2.2 to be stable, it is still in testing so please let us know about any issues you find so we can fix them ASAP.

We want to get you using the latest versions of EverWeb so you can take advantage of the new features we've added.

It is a good idea to work on a backup of your website projects files, or just use this version on new project files;

Download EverWeb 2.2 Beta

What's New? Lots! We've added some great new features and enhancements;

[NEW] AnimationEngine lets you add awesome animations to all text, images, shapes and widgets
[NEW] Holding the option key and placing your mouse over an object will show you the distance from the selected object making it easy to properly design your website with precision.
[NEW] Options for image slider to use dark navigation arrows and centre thumbnails

[FIX] EverWeb will now work much better with large projects and use much less memory
[FIX] Fixed a memory leak on macOS Sierra that would cause EverWeb to slow down after using it for a while and publishing your website
[FIX] Fixed Contact Form Advanced to use proper form address
[FIX] Fixed issue with blog images breaking when moving a project to a new computer
[FIX] Fixed Blog post image with spaces in its name not being exported properly
[FIX] Fixed blank paragraphs in text objects having their font and style information removed when closing and re-opening a project
[FIX] Moving a project to/form a retina screen will draw the images and widgets correctlty
[FIX] Fixed site wide header/footer code fields replacing certain characters automatically while typing
[FIX] Fixed error message when adding the blank template and EverWeb is in the Downloads folder instead of the Applications folder.

EverWeb Developer
User: Paul B. 7 years ago
Where do I invoke the animation commands?
User: Paul-RAGESW 7 years ago
Hi Paul,

You can go to the Inspector->Shape options and you will see the Animation options at the bottom.

The user manual under the Help menu in EverWeb will also have more details on using it.

EverWeb Developer
User: Paul B. 7 years ago
Thanks. I didn't realize I had to select an item before the feature become available.
User: james 7 years ago
Is it safe to do a "Find Unused Assets" without it identifying all images selected under "Choose" in blog Post Options (Image on Top) as unused AND disconnecting the link? If so, the beta has to be a step above the "stable" version.
User: Paul-RAGESW 7 years ago
Hi James,

I am not able to reproduce the issue where the Find Unused assets claims a blog post image is unused.

I will continue doing more testing but if you have a small project which demonstrates this problem, please send it to us.

EverWeb Developer
User: james 7 years ago
lieu of sending all the info, screen shots and entire site file once again, I backed up and installed the beta and tested it. This update DOES fix the issue. In fact it seems to have fixed a number of blog issues. This is one time I'm going to the beta version gratefully.

Oops, I spoke WAY too soon. No, it is no longer disconnecting the images selected in blog postings to appear at the top of the page – but it is STILL identifying them (if they are not used elsewhere) as Unused Assets. Since I have now converted over 400 old manual blog pages to the new system, I have 700+ unused assets listed - many, many of them used to head up blog postings. What do I need to do to prove this? Why not simply download my site file from my Dropbox and ask it to find unused assets? Since when I converted the blog, I labeled images with the old dates, the fact that identified images are actually on the blog postings can be verified by going to the site and dragging images off to check file name (as I'm sure your are aware, blog images DO NOT reference properly in assets when selected).

Let me know if I have to do anything else to confirm this, please. I've already provided the link to the site file elsewhere.

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User: james 7 years ago
Getting tired of being told repeatedly that either I am not being clear or that this cannot be confirmed. This screen shot is the very top of over 400 dated blog entries I converted over. For my convenience I dated and numbered all images. Note that in each and every date - all the way down - ONE of the images is labeled as "Unused". THAT is the one image SELECTED in the dialog box to appear at the top of the entry. EverWeb does NOT recognize that image as being used. I hope this brings about some effort to correct it.

And here is WHY you can't seem to verify the problem: you are simply doing one blog posting and testing the issue. I have now run extensive tests on a small test site. When one is making MULTI BLOG POSTINGS, that is creating one blog page after another and then clicking on another new blog page – all in one sitting – ALL but the last one created will have the designated top image NOT register as a used asset. I just now recreated it on my wife's little site. What got me testing this is that the first dozen I converted - one per sitting - did not have this problem.

IT IS NOT FIXED. The ONLY way for me to correct this problem is to – one blog posting at a time – delete the image (I tried redesigning it and that doesn't work) and then reload it and connect it. Doing this to three blog postings at one time simply registered the third one and NOT the first two.

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User: Rick K. 7 years ago
I have a new 2017 MacBook Pro and experienced the problem with widgets not displaying properly. They were small compared to when viewed on my older 27" I-Mac. Now I have upgraded to the beta version of Everweb2.2.1b but am still having the same issue. Is there something I need to do in order for the existing file to display the widgets correctly?
User: james 7 years ago
I have added information above as to exactly what the problem is / how to duplicate it / and the hell I have to do go through to fix it. It IS a bug and should be addressed.

After hours of tests, remaking pages, rechecking, trying renaming files, etc. I have at least clarified the PROBLEM:

EverWeb Assets search engine AS FAR AS IMAGES SELECTED IN THE DIALOG BOX FOR TOP PLACEMENT ON BLOG POSTINGS DOES NOT RECOGNIZE ANY MORE THAN THE MOST RECENT POSTING CREATED ON A GIVEN DAY. Hence my issue with converting over 400 blog entries, many, many on any single day and having the vast majority of designated top images listed as unused assets.

Make another, and the image selected in the last one reappears as unused. Quitting and reopening the file or even the app does not effect this. What this seems to mean at this point is that in order to fix over 400 of them I would have to take over a year.

OK, that was 6 hours of my life. obviously I'm crossing my fingers that something gets fixed so I can safely reduce a 3 gig site back down to less than half that size as I make all of these changes. Thank you.

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User: wellnl 7 years ago
@Rick K: Hi Rick I've found that if you resize the window a bit the redraw works (coming from a 2016 iMac -> 17 MBP) or just flipping from one page to the next and back again. It works a lot better than in the past for sure which is good news, but may be needs a bit of tweaking still.

User: Chris H 7 years ago
While it is great to have new features like the Animation Engine in EverWeb, the basic blog engine still does not run well enough for me to be able to switch my web site over to EverWeb. I started a support ticket when EverWeb 2.0 was introduced but these issues have not been addressed in either 2.1 or 2.2. I have been waiting patiently for five years to have a working blog in EverWeb but can't do that yet.

1. The footer for blog pages does not contain the Page Background color but the Browser Background tile instead as compared to non-blog pages where it looks fine.

2. For individual blog pages I can reduce the space between paragraphs in blocks of text using the "T" panel in the Inspector but those changes are not reflected on the blog index page and can not be changed on the blog index page using the "T" panel.

3. If double spaces are used between sentences in a block of text they cause a one space indent at the beginning of sentences which start at the left margin of left-justified text.


Chris H
User: Ingo P. 7 years ago
1. Animation is not applied to the shadow of an object.
2. Animation only works on the viewable part of the screen. If you scroll downwards, the animations of the following objects starts, when they come in sight. Intended?

cheers, Ingo
User: Paul-RAGESW 7 years ago
@James: Thank you for the additional info. All I asked was if you had a smaller project file that showed this issue. You said you did so if you can send that over to us it would be helpful. I never denied it was happening. In fact I said I was doing more research into it.

@Chris H: I Will look into this issues as well.

@Ingo: They won't work for shadows yet but we are working on that. And yes the point of the animations is to only show them once you have scrolled and the objects are viewable

EverWeb Developer
User: james 7 years ago
Here is a test Blog that shows what is happening – very small – my notes are on the third blog entry:
Download link EverWeb gave me

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