Viewing Multiple computers

Multiple computers

User: Lauren R. one year ago
Is there a way to edit an Everweb site on more than one computer?

e.g. what happens if I leave my workplace, taking my computer with me (and the downloaded Everweb software), and the next person needs to edit the site on Everweb?

I've tried to look for a 'log in' function on the app (using trial version atm) but cant seem to find any - hopefully this doesn't mean its not possible to use the app and same account on multiple computers!
User: EverWeb Support one year ago
Hi, Lauren!

Check our video tutorial about sharing your site to work on it on different computers:

And in the case described by you, the second person should use its own EverWeb Account. Signing our and in can be done in EverWeb (on the menu bar) > Preferences > Account tab.

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User: Greg N. 10 months ago
what about if i want to work on my website on two different computers - one at home and one at work. can i do that?
User: Roddy 10 months ago
Follow the method shown in the video. It's the same different users as it isr for one user using two or more computers.


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