Viewing Contact Form Advanced of EW2.1 doesn't work

Contact Form Advanced of EW2.1 doesn't work

User: Cornelis V. 5 years ago
First I thought that the fix in EverWeb211b4 actually did work. But I made a mistake. Still the info of the Contact Form Advanced does't arrive at email address entered in the top field of the widget.
Instead the contact form info is wronly send to the email address that a visiter fills out when visiting the contact webpage.

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User: Paul-RAGESW 5 years ago
I see you published with an older 2.1.1 beta version (build 1699). You should use build 1707.

Please delete all 2.1.1 betas and download the latest one I sent you and then republish. It will work.

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User: Cornelis V. 5 years ago
You're absolutely right! In version 2.1.1b4 (build 1707) it works perfect!!! The Contact Form Advanced now fully functions without the SMTP details entered.
My apologies that I confused and delayed the testing process recently. Thanks for your patience Paul.

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