Viewing Photogallery like iWeb

Photogallery like iWeb

User: Guest 7 years ago
I've testet the application now for a few hours and I can say, that the app is really good. On my websites there are over 60% of the content photos. And that's the point. I really miss the function, like I have in iWeb. I don't like the Slider like EasyWeb and all the other websites have. Because I don't want just view the photos in a slideshow, but I want to click through the photos one by one.

Here like it is now in iWeb. This must be function of EasyWeb too!

User: Paul-RAGESW 7 years ago
We'll add a slideshow like this soon, but we have some other priorities to fix up first.

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User: Guest 7 years ago
Wow, nice! I am really looking forward to this nice feature!
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