Viewing Navigation Menu z-index

Navigation Menu z-index

User: Roddy 7 years ago
After inserting a custom drop down menu, I kept forgetting to use the arrange menu so I decided to give it a z-index of 1000. EasyWeb negates this due to the containing div.

When I bring the container to the front it only gets a z-index of 1 so, every time I add something in the area of the drop down, I have to go back and bring the menu to the front again.

A navigation menu is usually one of the first things to be added to a page - to every page. This means that you need to remember to bring it to the front again on every page once you add content.

Is there someway I can insert a higher z-index into the containing div?

Here's the page if you want to look at the source...

I don't know how the smooth scrolling effect will degrade in older versions of IE - and I don't really care. It would be interesting to know if anybody has the means to test it. I did add the -ms transition but I don't know if it has any effect since IE 10 doesn't require it.


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