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Can't add Header/Footer code to Master Pages

User: Naomi M. 3 years ago
Is it possible to add Header/Footer code to a Master Page?

I have some CSS code that I've added to a test page. It works well and I would now like to add it to the corresponding master page ... but the "Header/Footer Code" section of the Page tab is permanently unresponsive when I edit a master page rather than a regular page. The "Mobile Settings" and "Redirects" sections exhibit the same behaviour. This makes me wonder if this behaviour is intentional, but I don't see why <HEAD> code insertion should be prevented for master pages. I can add the code to the site-wide header instead, but it is intended only for full-width ("responsive") pages, for which I have a dedicated master page.

Have I missed something? Many thanks in advance for any assistance!
User: Paul-RAGESW 3 years ago
Hi Naomi,

At the moment, you cannot add Head code to the Master Pages. We do intend to change this in the future though.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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User: Naomi M. 3 years ago
Thank you for your fast reply, Paul. I look forward to the addition of this feature !
User: Julie D. one year ago
Any updates on this? I'm utilizing the Master Page to make it easier to edit my Drop-down menu, but I need the site-wide header code to apply... it's made my menu look, well... not so good...
User: Paul L. 6 months ago
It seems that 2 years ago, you were working on a way to put footer code into the master page. Have you had a chance to do this yet?
Many thanks
User: Roddy 6 months ago
If you are inserting custom code which needs to appear on more than one or two pages of the site, it is better practice - and more efficient - to compile it in a file and then insert the link to the file in the site wide head or footer code boxes.

CSS should be inserted in the document head and java script can be inserted in the head or body. Normally, java script is inserted just before the closing body tag along with items like Google analytics but, in some cases, needs to be in the document head.

These files can be create in if no code editor is available. Make sure it is set to plain text mode.

For greater efficiency, these files should be minimised by having all the comments and unnecessary spaces and returns removed. Then name the file with the .min extension so that Google credits you for this extra effort.

The java script file would have a name like myScripts.min.js and the CSS myStylishStyles.min.css

Drag these into the Assets List, select the file name, right click and select "Copy Relative File Path" and then paste it into the appropriate code insertion box.

More info about Code Insertion HERE.

For anything more than a very simple project, it's easier to use the Responsive Code Insertion widget.


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User: Paul-RAGESW 6 months ago
Just to clarify this issue.

You can still enter any code you want under File menu->Site Publishing Settings... and then find the Header code field.

This works with master pages and regular pages.

If you wanted code to only appear on specific pages that have a master page, this still has not been implemented unfortunately.

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