Viewing horizontal scroll picture gallery

horizontal scroll picture gallery

User: Guest 7 years ago

I am wondering if Easyweb can make a photo page with horizontal scrollbars,
something like this:

and how to do this
User: Paul-RAGESW 7 years ago
You could make the width of your page very wide under the Page Inspector and just lay your images out like that page.

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User: Roddy 7 years ago
This is an example of a horizontal scrolling slider using jQuery...

It has some nice features like the scroll bar is underneath the slider where it should be. You can navigate by hovering the cursor over the directional arrows and jump by clicking the dark slider background.

To create this in EasyWeb I tried using the Dynamic layout. It works to a certain extent. To get it to be the same as my original demo I would need the developers to implement percentage widths in the Metrics inspector - hint, hint!

When viewing these sliders it's best for the browser to be in full screen mode.


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