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User: Keith R. 4 years ago
If I were to create a site from a template included with Everweb would it automatically be viewable for mobile/ipad/tablet etc?

User: Jumbo T. 4 years ago
Whether you choose a pre-designed webpage or create one yourself, once published, the visitor can see the page.

The width and height of the page may affect the viewing experience on a small screen.
User: James G. 4 years ago
In EW, you can also make a full size site and a mobile sized site in the same project and the user will be fed the correct sized site for the device. There are also ways to make full, tablet, and mobile size
User: Roddy 4 years ago
Going one step beyond the method of creating a full and smart phone site, you can quickly create three versions of the site for computer, tablet and smart phone using the Touch widgets. See the DEMO.

Using the Flex widgets you can create a fully responsive site that works on any device. This DEMO shows how you can create a larger site using directories and two different types of navigation menu.


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