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User: Andrew J. 5 years ago
I currently host an iWeb site with a third party. I have set up password protection for certain pages. I have done this using the host's file protection capability. I would like to continue to do that. Can I still use the Standalone version of EverWeb? Or do I have to sign up for EverWeb hosting in order to implement passwords even if I don't plan to host my site with EverWeb?
User: wellnl 5 years ago
HI Andrew
The password protection used within EW itself (i.e. from the Inspector tab) will only work with an EW+Hosting account, and as such your files will have to be uploaded to the EW Hosting Server.
If you choose to use a different host provider you just continue with your host providers own protection. It should work OK but best to test first just in case...
User: Paul-RAGESW 5 years ago
Can I still use the Standalone version of EverWeb?

Yes, this feature would be independent of EverWeb.

You will have to go through your web hosting provider's system and not EverWeb to set up the passwords.

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