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How is Everweb as a hosting company?

User: Daniel B. 6 years ago
We love using Everweb to build websites, and we're looking for a new hosting company.

We've been using Inmotion. They are rarely down, but we've been hacked twice and their interface is a little overwhelming and awkward. Can get tech support pretty quickly, though, 24/7.

Could y'all chime in on your experience with Everweb's hosting? Thank you!

-Cindy and Dan
User: Paul-RAGESW 6 years ago

I can provide some input but you can wait for others to reply as well.

We've been using Inmotion. They are rarely down, but we've been hacked twice and their interface is a little overwhelming and awkward. Can get tech support pretty quickly, though, 24/7.

We have close to 100% uptime, with the overwhelming majority of any downtime due to server upgrades and restarts which take about 10 - 30 minutes to complete and happen rarely themselves.

When you say you've been hacked twice, can you elaborate? Like most hosts, we have a strict policy on ensuring your scripts are kept up to date (which is almost never an issue with EverWeb anyways) and your keep your passwords secure and difficult to guess. What happened when your websites were hacked?

We do have 24/7 tech support as well.

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User: Daniel B. 6 years ago
Hi Paul,

I can only speak to the second hack. This is what our friend who knows about computers said:

Wow I have never seen anything like this before. I did a quick google search and found this:

Seems like this is not the first time in motion has been hacked by this hacker. What is scarier is that upon more research I found the same hacker added pages on other sites with a video in the middle of the page about Muhammad and showed explicit killings. His Facebook page is filled with gory stuff and hate for america.
User: Paul-RAGESW 6 years ago
That's certainly scary. Judging by the links you sent, one customer's website was compromised which allowed the hackers to redirect many other sites to a site of their choosing.

The articles are vague on their descriptions but this is why we are very strict on keeping scripts updated. Fortunately most EverWeb sites are not using server side scripts and EverWeb sites are not stored on the same servers as non-EverWeb sites. It is actually one way we are able to enhance security. Basically keeping sites using scripts like wordpress separate from EW sites. The vast majority of EW sites are static sites that are not using scripts which makes them harder to exploit like the links you provided.

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User: James G. 6 years ago
I like ragesw/ew. Been using over a year and no problems. Been using sitemap automator recently and love it too
User: Gregory K. 6 years ago
I am completely satisfied. I've used Rage/EverWeb for about four years and any problems I've had were early on and probably sell-inflicted. If you read the forums from way back, you will see the same Rage/EverWeb experts answering questions. Trouble tickets are resolved quickly / usually same day and within hours.

I'm no expert in Web building however I've learned a lot through the forums which are well supported by EverWeb users.
User: Yelena 6 years ago
Great company. Never had any issues related to hosting. Quick response to technical problems (websites related). Highly recommend!

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User: wellnl 6 years ago
I transferred my websites a while ago so I could have everything in one place. I've never had any problems with downtime. The support team are great, responsive and customer focused. I always appreciate being treated like a valued client and that everyone on the forums has a say in what they want from EverWeb. As Yelena says 'Highly recommended'.
User: David W. one year ago
Recently upgraded to10gb package and very satisfied with the hosting. They have helped any queries I have had promptly with no hassle. Would definitely recommend
User: Janman one year ago
I've been really happy since I switched over to RageSW! Customer service is excellent
User: Jacob C. one year ago
Always up! Support supports!
User: Courtney H. one year ago
I've been using EW for years. For me it's always up, tech support is super responsive and where else can you have an EW developer (Paul) answering questions and fixing stuff?
Also, when I've had a strange, one-of-a-kind problem they work to fix it, even if no one else has reported it.
Just do it. You won't be sorry. Seriously.

(I just noticed the original thread was started 5 years ago. Ha!)

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User: Paul-RAGESW one year ago
Thank you all for sharing your positive experiences. We all really appreciate it here!

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