Viewing Table that reads data (image and/or text) from files

Table that reads data (image and/or text) from files

User: itay 5 years ago
Image - set size, name and path ..
Text - set file name and path and if it's excel file set the columns (or text file - Columns separated by commas)

For the small b2b business a table list is one of the most important things to add..

Sometimes there is a data that have to be change online and hourly.
It will be great to have the option to read data from file in url path, without get in to everweb every time.
For example a website for sales that like to update "stock list" every two hours.

I know the first answer is to just update all in from ever web in one moment.. But sometimes it's a perfect solution that any employee without "touching" the everweb design can load an image or file to update a list and data.. (specially when it's a big website), of course I'm talking about tables only.

the most powerful thing to do is to read from sql data, this option are change everything for the small business, it is a perfect solution
User: Chris B. 5 years ago
I agree with you here, I run a photography business and a method of updating sales information and of course the ability to change a text field in a file to be read on the site would be amazing.
What would be better would be the capability to add database fields to the site "in a drag and drop way" this would make this product the best and most powerful tool on the market.

What do you say guys is this possible? I know we could use iframes with the data source in another page "called in" but to have this built inside the app would be amazing.
User: Jumbo T. 5 years ago
What prevents you from doing it ? script
User: Chris B. 5 years ago
I know what your saying Jumbo but to have this as a tool under the hood would be much nicer. Furthermore to have a primitive database under the hood would give this development tool the chops to be a market leader as it would then be a full ecommerce package.
User: Jumbo T. 5 years ago
Yes, everything under the hood.

Users are still waiting for simple text styling, a list, a table.

And you want a database?

Try this :
Or this :

To get that content in a page with or without PHP, paste this in a HTML Snippet :

<div id="text"></div>


function GetFile ($file) {

if(navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer") {
http = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
} else {
http = new XMLHttpRequest();
}"GET", $file, true);

http.onreadystatechange=function() {
if(http.readyState == 4) {
document.getElementById('text').innerHTML = http.responseText;





The "fileName.txt" is a plaintext file or use "fileName.php" with content generated from a database with PHP.

Everything you need is on the internet.

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User: Chris B. 5 years ago
A database would be nice yes I know you can create one and call it in as I mentioned in my original post but an option at design time would be nice without having to create this elsewhere. I do this currently and import the file using the snippet widget.
User: Jumbo T. 5 years ago
Creating a database is one thing.

The other thing is, how do you present the data in a webpage?

Try to create a widget that offers all posssible combinations imaginable to mankind.

Perhaps Roddy can.
User: itay 5 years ago
I am definitely agree with you Chris, this database option - build in everweb will take this software to much higher level..

Think about website for sale (e shop) when you have a big range of products.. With data base it's much faster and safer. After all, the whole idea in drag&drop it would be easy and convenient and quick, here in certain situations (Shop With large catalog) it is faster to build code with Data Base

It's true that "all is possible" using the html snipers (I do it myself) but it's much better and safer to get it all in one software and also as far as I know this software "This was not the intention of the poet.."

I mean I am following the everweb from the very beginning (as a hobby, not as a profession) and I think that what's makes them so good is that everything is very easy and for any user.. The drag & drop softwares are usually known as "not professional" softwares but everweb become super professional only because they take not only the basic things (as Text / images / pages) but also the complicated things.. And make it easy to use for any user, So if they will take this database option and translate it to drag & drop for any user it will definitely take them to a place that no one was before
User: Chris B. 5 years ago
Completely agree and that's the point I was trying to raise here. It doesn't have to be MySQL or MySQL I'm sure everweb could create a simple hybrid database system within the application. It would be well worth investing in even if you were forced to use rage as your hosting company. This type of application would raise the bar for the industry as it would be native within the application, no need to swap applications and drag snippets in all the time only to realise the formatting of the snipped is wrong etc etc
User: Chris B. 5 years ago
User: itay 5 years ago
By the way.. If someone from everweb think on doing it (I'm really hope for this good news), the build in functions like search, short by and filter are must.. When it is with database it's not a problem.
User: Paul-RAGESW 5 years ago
I understand the need for features like these but please remember when you say that EverWeb needs database features it's extremely vague. There are so many possible things that someone may need or want to store in a database and how they want to display it on their website.

I can tell you that we are working on features that will use databases, but if you need something specific, please let us know what you're looking for exactly.

We cannot create a generic system that will be useful to many people.

EverWeb Developer ranks EverWeb as the top choice for Mac users wanting to build a website!
User: Chris B. 5 years ago
Hey Paul,

Thanks for the feedback. one thing I would like here is people management i.e. user logs in to your site can access areas tailored i.e. view an album of photographs I took for them. Allow them to select options and bill them. I know paypal is an option however my users like to return to see their purchases and the status of orders etc.

So for me the following would be nice:

People management (logon / password and registration)
Variables for products

This would be great if its possible, however its a feature request and not a demand lol..
It would be so much slicker under the hood of Everweb than having to dive into another application set it up and come back to paste countless lines of code into a HTML widget.

User: itay 5 years ago
Excellent idea Chris,
Paul I'm so happy about attitude and I really hope that you will know how to take this idea one step further, everweb will become something that never was before (database using drag & drop!!)

Here below I suggested how to do it (Simply.. exactly how users like)

Have an option to add database to the site (at the site main preference page from everweb).
If not - same as it was,
If yes - option to open a simple table (one table) with fields (add field etc.)
Or read from an existing sql server (url, server name, user/password, table name, fields..)
Or read from other database (xml / text)

Then on everweb objects (text/images) can set to read from this table fields.
With search, filter and short by build in options fields. (Search filed that so request by so many everweb users.. This field are the different between the everweb to other websites..)

Can "add table" with choosing fields
Can "add gallery" connected to the server..

Also at the database option can add build in sources like currency, whether, time, zone etc.

Regarding Chris request, I think it's just to set a table to specific user:
User list at the main page..

Small business that will start working with it will not leave easily, it's not only a "about us" site.. It will become the user business site (the business itself) it's something else..

My English is not so good but I hope you understand me.
User: itay 5 years ago
To all those who run a website shop for selling, Data Base option are great. And if in the future will be the possibility of a secure credit card payment (no only PayPal) it will be just perfect.
After all, these are precisely the things that make the e shop from amateur to professional shop.

By the way about the list of users I mentioned earlier, you can add an email to each user at the list to send details of the order as soon as performed ..

I know it's not as simple as I noted here, but it's a perfect idea, simply to characterize it in stages. I think that answers almost anyone who wants to manage a professional online shop, I promise to be the first one :)

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