Viewing Multiple 1.8.0 Build 1404 problems

Multiple 1.8.0 Build 1404 problems

User: Martin K. 5 years ago
That's the point I was making, for whatever reason, EW isn't publishing Roddy's widgets correctly in v 1.8.1 build 1408. When I publish using v1.7.5 they work fine as shown on my main site at :
User: Rod K. 5 years ago
I had several things happen that bothered me and decided to revert to 1.7.5 before saving and republishing. Numerous links seemed disabled and two links, graphics and all disappeared before my eyes and later reappeared.
User: Simon H. 5 years ago
Quote: Paul-RAGESW - 21/06/2015 8:50:18
Please make sure you are using the latest 1.8.1 beta version that was recently posted here.

If you still have trouble after downloading that one and using File->Publish Entire Site, please let me know.

Thanks Paul, I will try to use this beta version (as promised) before I revert to 1.7.5.

Appreciate the support!

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