Viewing Anyone add a Quicktime slideshow?

Anyone add a Quicktime slideshow?

User: dan y 7 years ago
I'm new here,,, first question for anyone who see this.

I've always had a Quicktime slideshow on my pages. Never controls and always auto running on a loop. Just a moving visual.

Anyone know how to do that?
User: Roddy 7 years ago
You could use either the embed method...

... or the java script method...

Both of these call up the QT plugin and are certainly an improvement over the iWeb method.

A more up to date way is to use the HTML5 video tag but this involves uploading at least two different file types.

I would be more inclined to convert the video file to MP4 and use a fallback player so that the movie will play in older versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox.

For a simple website banner you would be better to use one of the many jQuery based sliders modified for use as a banner.


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