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User: Raf P. 6 years ago
I made 20 different items with the PayPal widget.
Each item has a shipping cost of 5 euro.
But, when I check the working of the widget and buy 2 different items, go to the PayPal buy page, I have to pay 2 times the shipping cost.

Am I doing something wrong? Can this be fixed? If not, the widget is completely worthless.
I tried this in EW 1.7 and the new widget in 1.8 also.

Kind regards,

Raphael Pairoux
User: Paul-RAGESW 6 years ago
You cannot set global shipping options via the widget as they would be per product only. You have to set this up from within your Paypal account.

1. Login to your paypal account online
2. Click the Accounts tab in the upper right corner
3. Then select 'Profile and Settings'
4. At the bottom you'll see Shipping Settings and Shipping Calculations

From there you can set up default shipping settings for your entire account.

That should work. Let me know if you have any problems. Also be aware that if you aren't using the new Paypal interface the instructions above may be slightly different for you.

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User: Raf P. 6 years ago
Thx Paul!

Kind regards,

Raphael Pairoux

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