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User: Roddy 7 years ago
I maintain several hosting accounts - each of which holds 15 websites with their own domain name. I seem to spend more time roaming around these server side files than I do my local ones. If we don't have access to the files on the server, how do we...

[1] Correct Errors
[2] Delete Redundant Files
[3] * Uploading Assets to keep the population of the EasyWeb Assets down a little.
[4] Uploading Zips to Downloads Folder
[5] * * Restoring Files when the local version has been deleted
[6] Use WebCrusher
[7] Upload sitemaps created with Sitemap Automator
[8] Upload Google verification files.

* The assets for one slideshow alone can make finding them difficult in the EW Assets list. Its a lot easier to be able to upload them in directories.

** I have dozens of custom web projects and, once published, I delete the local version. The ones on the server are my only way of remember what I have done and how!

I know that most users won't require to do any of these things but there must be some who do one or two of them now and again!

Now I know that there is a strong case for excluding users from having access to the server files, such as those who go in and delete them all - including those essential for the server to function.

Perhaps those of us who really need access could sign a disclaimer?


NOTE: I am an EverWeb user and NOT affiliated with EverWeb! Any opinions expressed in this forum are my own.
User: Paul-RAGESW 7 years ago
Hi Roddy,

1) What type of errors?

2) EasyWeb will eventually be able to delete redundant files

3) We will provide better organization within EasyWeb

4) You should add these to external assets in the assets list and use the built in Hyperlink->to a file feature

5) You'll have to contact us for this

6) We plan on providing integration built right into the software for this

7) We plan on including a basic XML sitemap feature into the software. In addition, we will provide an upload feature from within Sitemap Automator

8) We plan on building this in as well

There is VERY strong case not to allow FTP access. Mainly because when people start poking around in there they can severely mess things up. We want to make everything done through the software or an easy to use web interface.

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