Viewing Changing Colors in Directory

Changing Colors in Directory

User: Guest 7 years ago
I've been wrestling with font color versus background color in the navigation directory. I've found that the easiest way to change the font color is to go to page detail and click the cursor in web page description. The directory defaults to a color, but whatever I choose is then applied. I assume this is the sort of thing you want to know?

Question, though. When I'm in shape and I select the navigation directory and want to add a line around the rectangles, the line only appears on the top and the right. Is there another place to choose a line that goes around each item?

User: Roddy 7 years ago
To change the text color in the default navigation, select the navigation and use the Hyperlinks inspector to change the font color, rollover color etc and whether there is a U or not.

If you want a back ground color, set this in the Shape Options inspector before creating the hyperlink colors.


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