Viewing EasyWeb Beta 8

EasyWeb Beta 8

User: Paul-RAGESW 7 years ago
EasyWeb Beta 8 is now available;

May 7 (1030)
- adjusting shape type when vertical alignment is middle or bottom draws text properly
- won't show storage indicator when resizing window and editing a web page anymore
- publishing should be much faster and more reliable
- publish button will be disabled while publishing so you can't press it twice
- publishing a site that has the same name as another website wont publish the older site contents
- reflection and opacity scrollbar update properly when selecting shape where these values are 0
- each website window will remember its last position
- style tag now specifies a type attribute of text/css
- copy and pasting shapes should now retain the correct shape drawing order
- EXPERIMENTAL ADVANCED FEATURE: you can now use any assets in the HTML Widget and they will be exported properly. Right click on any asset and select "Copy Relative Path". Use that path to
reference them in the HTML Widget. For example, displaying an image would look like this;

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User: Guest 7 years ago
YEAH !!! My site uploaded in 5 minutes with moving the cursor. :P Thanks Guys!

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