Viewing Box container (Css script, need help)

Box container (Css script, need help)

User: Jens_C 6 years ago
A was searching on the web for a beatiful "box container" now i found one but i think i'm doing something wrong.

This is the website:

I putted the html code, css code and java script code in my html snippet. But the lay out is not correct, can u guys maybe help me a hand if you have time.
This is an example of what i have when putted everything in the html snippet:

Already thanks,
User: Paul-RAGESW 6 years ago
Hi Jens,

It looks like you created that site with iWeb, not EasyWeb.

We'll make examples for all of this stuff if we can but for now we need to beta test the application so it works properly. We would really appreciate it if we could get feedback on how you are using the software, what you like and what you don't like as well as any bugs you find.

Since all of our attention is on finishing up EasyWeb, we can't focus on these advanced features just yet.

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User: Jens_C 6 years ago
Ok that's fine, sorry.

And indeed i made that on iWeb. The reason why is because i'm making my new Clan site in iWeb because EasyWeb don't have the features yet that i need.
Without a blog page, opacity tab in the choose color, the resize image function, etc... i can't make my new site in EasyWeb. It need to have atleast the same features that iWeb have.

But don't worry, i also test EasyWeb everyday, espacially when i'm makign something in iWeb and i'm thinking how do i make that in EasyWeb and there i go. :p
And i know i'm someone that want to have some more advanced features like that box container, the Wow slider, Css drop down menus.
Only i don't have much experience with all that scripting.. The Wow slider and Css drop down menu did finnaly work now (thnx to Roddy) but now i'm stuck on that Box container. I tried it in EasyWeb and iWeb but no succes.
User: Roddy 6 years ago
I forgot to reply to your email about this - apologies!

You should really post this in the iWeb Forum as the resident Gestapo don't have much to do and would welcome the opportunity to heap sarcasm and derision on you!

Here's an example of the tabs in iWeb...

I'll email the code to you. In your example you didn't upload the images or the java script to your server and reference them in the code. The demo you copied has a 100% width so you need to change this to a finite width in px for the iWeb Snippet.

Of course this will be a lot easier to do in EasyWeb!


NOTE: I am an EverWeb user and NOT affiliated with EverWeb! Any opinions expressed in this forum are my own.

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