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EasyWeb Instructions

User: Roddy 6 years ago
Everybody has a different way of learning and the Buddha instinctively knows which one is best for the individual.

For us lesser mortals its usually a choice between a step by step help file and a video.

Personally, I have never watched an instructional video from start to finish and find them to be a very inefficient method of instruction.

I would have thought a comprehensive Help file would be the first step in introducing newcomers to the app since it is far quicker to refer to in the heat of the moment than searching for a video and tooling around in it for the relevant info.

Here's my contribution in the form of a PDF about how to install and use non web safe fonts in EasyWeb...

... and some examples...


NOTE: I am an EverWeb user and NOT affiliated with EverWeb! Any opinions expressed in this forum are my own.
User: Paul-RAGESW 6 years ago
Thanks Roddy! I agree both written and video tutorials are necessary.

EverWeb Developer ranks EverWeb as the top choice for Mac users wanting to build a website!
User: Yelena 6 years ago
Excellent point Roddy! Both are important tools - text AND video....but my first choice is always written...

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